Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles Of Mystara - Win - Download

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A sturdy case with clear film helps to protect your iPad device from dribbles and drool as baby plays. With four smart shape stampers,baby can interact with two downloadable apps allowing baby to learn,create and discover shapes,sorting,colors and more. A colorful play panel snaps over the film for even more ways to play without your iPad. Use the Laugh &Learn Apptivity Creation Center flat or set up the easel on back for variety.


Genre Beat-em up
Platform Windows
Distribution Media Download
Release Date 22 August 2013
Multiplayer Yes
ESRB Rating Teen (13+)
ESRB Content Descriptors Blood,violence,suggestive themes
PEGI Rating 16
PEGI Content Descriptors Violence,PEGI Online
Australian Government Rating Parental Guidance (PG)
Publisher Capcom
Developer Iron Galaxy Studios
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